BKT Tires

BKT Tires
R H Claydon Ltd and BKT have enjoyed a long trading history together particularly in the Agricultural Radial segment of the tyre market.

R H Claydon were BKT's first customer in Europe and the trading relationship is a true example of the BKT ethos "GROWING TOGETHER".

Founded in 1987, the India based tyre manufacturer BKT now employs over 7,000 people at its five avant-gard production sites.

Enjoying a 6% share in the off-highway tyre segment, BKT re-invest about 3.5% of annual sales into R&D.  As a leading global player in the Off-Highway specialist market, BKT is able to provide customers with quality solutuons for a large variety of applications including tyres for Agriculture, Lawn and Turf.  An impressive number of 60 - 80 new BKT tyres are developed every year.

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