GRI Tires

GRI Tires
GRI produces radial agriculture tires, construction tires and material handling solid tires with offices in nine countries, and sales in over fifty countries. GRI’s advanced production plant is the largest to produce high-grade specialty tires and the first to produce radial agriculture tires in Sri Lanka.

GRI believe that farmers who nourish the world, construction workers who build for the next generation, and forklift operators who move material to supply our needs, are noble. GRI deliver high-grade specialty tires that are built sustainably using pure natural rubber at their advanced production plants in Sri Lanka.

GRI’s Agriculture tires are designed and developed utilizing cutting-edge technology. Their high-flex tires have an exceptional range of tread patterns, featuring high load carrying capacity at low inflation pressure, reduced soil compaction, exceptional traction and superior self-cleaning properties. These high-performance tires operate exceptionally on roads as well as fields.

GRI ensure commitment to sustainability and environmental protection in the way we develop new products, generate power, build tires, recycle waste, and manage our water systems.

GRI began its business relationship with R H Claydon in 2019 and have swiftly built a high level of trust and confidence with each other. GRI are certain that working closely with R H Claydon and developing a deep understanding of the company’s and the country’s needs, the business partnership will grow rapidly in the UK.